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UnionPay services since     August, 2009    

Local service hotline      00-800-800-95516

  • UK – Kingdom of Elegance
    Someone said that, “you are tired of life if you get tired of London”. In addition to the modern yet classical London, you can also appreciate the vast and desert highlands of Scotland, Canterbury witnessing historical civilization, tranquil and pleasant Welsh, as well as Manchester with tumultuous night life. Coincidentally, the meaning of “Britain” in ancient Celtic is “colorful”. Take your UnionPay card (card number starting with 62) to initiate your colorful trip to UK in an easy and preferential manner, such as going to a museum, visiting Palace and Tower Bridge, watching a cricket game, and tasting British food.

    Explore UK with UnionPay
    •    Business districts recommended: Bond Street, World Duty Free, Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Bicester Village
    •    Food recommended: English-style afternoon tea, English-style breakfast
    •    Entertainments recommended: British Museum, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the View from the Shard
    •    Specialties recommended: Earl Grey Tea, cashmere products

  • Enjoy UK with UnionPay services and privileges
    In UK, UnionPay cards are accepted at the famous department stores, jewelry and watch stores, brand boutiques, hotels, airport duty-free shops and most merchants in the Bicester Village designer outlet, as well as at most ATMs.
  • POS acceptance
    Merchants with the signage of all accept UnionPay cards, mainly are department stores, jewelry and clock stores, brand stores, hotels, duty free shops in major airports and most merchants in Bicester Village, Watches of Switzerland, Fortnum and Mason, Heathrow Airport Duty Free are particularly recommended. In addition, you can use UnionPay cards for payment in restaurants, hotels and many recreational sites, mainly including Hutong, Hakkasan, Maze Grill Mayfair, The Ritz London, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Browns Hotel, Blenheim Palace and British Museum.

    When using co-branded cards, you are advised to choose UnionPay as the routing option to be benefited from the special offers and services provided by UnionPay. 

    Paying with UnionPay credit card at some local merchants requires no PIN.Cardholders can complete the payment following the instruction of the cashier.You can also refer to relative service guide at "Help Center-Card-using Instructions-Service Guide for Overseas Using of UnionPay Credit Card without PIN". 
  • Cash withdrawal
    From 2009, UnionPay cards are accepted at all ATMs in UK through LINK network. UK regulations require the separation of VocaLink (UK payments infrastructure operator) from LINK Scheme( a UK processor). Since VocaLink is not qualified for acquiring business, UnionPay needs to work with different ATM operators in UK and sign agreements with them individually. UnionPay has already signed agreements with most of the operators and we are doing our best to restore access to the full network of UK ATMs. Meanwhile, from 3 a.m. March 30, 2016 China Standard Time (8 p.m. March 29 in UK), some ATMs in UK may temporarily experience interruption for UnionPay card service. Cardholders could use other ATMs nearby or make payments directly with UnionPay cards. With more and more ATM operators confirmed to join, the number of affected ATMs will decrease correspondingly.

    ATMs with the following signages on the machine or the screen accept UnionPay cards for cash withdrawal, and some ATMs provide the interface in Chinese. Balance inquiry is not available at present. ATM location inquiry websites:

    <https://www.hsbc.co.uk/1/2/contact-and-support/branch-locator>. (Note: In the UK, ATMs of HSBC only accept UnionPay cards issued by HSBC.)

    (Note: No inquiry service temporarily)
    (Note: No inquiry service temporarily)

    Please refer to the latest government policy on overseas cash withdrawal via UnionPay cards at "Help Center-Card-using Instructions-Refined Card-using Tips
    ". Daily cash withdrawal limit from respective issuers and/or ATM may apply. Please consult your issuer on the possible cap on the amount. You may split your withdrawals into several times which comply with the limit(s).
  • Charges
    No conversion fee is applied to payments or cash withdrawal made by UnionPay cards or via UnionPay network. The transaction value in local currency will be directly converted to RMB based on the market exchange rate.

    ATM commission fee consists of two separate fees: 
    (1) Service fee charged by the issuer: please consult your issuer for details.
    (2) Service fee charged by the ATM acquirer in UK: some ATMs will charge commission fee, which is charged by the local banks in UK and which has nothing to do with UnionPay or the issuer.

    Cash withdrawal via debit card results in a lower commission fee.
  • Tips
    Select PINs that cannot be easily guessed by anyone.
    Never disclose your PIN to anyone who claims to represent the bank or the police.
    Be alert to your surroundings before conducting any banking transactions.
    Keep a close eye on your credit card during transaction to avoid any illegal activities.
    If your UnionPay card has been stolen/lost, please inform the issuer immediately.
  • Tax Refund of UnionPay Cards upon Returning
    UnionPay International cooperates with United Money to launch the service of tax refund on return. If UnionPay cardholders shop in designated stores of tax refund in EU countries, it’s available to apply for tax refund upon returning after having tax return form stamped by the customs. The tax-refund process is simple in operation, rapid to the account and available to exempt the trouble of queuing. (The service is only applicable for UnionPay cards issued in Mainland China.)

    Click the following link for tax refund upon returning:
    http://www.unionpayintl.com/cn/serviceCenter/overseas/drawback/haiwai.shtml, and have more understanding of tax refund application, tax refund progress and tax refund branches.
  • Introduction of Overseas Tax Refund
    UnionPay has launched the UnionPay card (card number starting with 62) overseas tax refund service in cooperation with Global Blue, Premier Tax Free, Tax Free Worldwide and GB Tax Free that are the world’s largest tax refund institutions. Such service covers 38 countries and regions. You can apply for tax refunds when shopping in oversea stores only if they are labeled the following logos of tax refund cooperative institutions.
    Global tax refund institutions:  
    If you are using the Premier tax refund service, you can check the Premier global refund points and tax refund progress on Premier Tax Refund Inquiry.

    For more information, please click
  • More considerate services offered by UnionPay Card

    UnionPay Card Emergency Cash Assistance Service

    UnionPay cardholders can call the hotline of the issuing bank or local UnionPay hotline to apply for an emergency cash assistance capped at the equivalent of USD 5,000 if they are experiencing emergencies like lost or malfunctioning cards.


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